This treatment makes use of the newest technology of ultrasound cavitation and tri-polar radio frequency on the market. It uses ultrasound cavitation effect to cause the air bubbles around the lipocyte, or fat cell membranes, to break them up. The broken lipocyte are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and released out of the body. This treatment demonstrates strong immediate result with no down time.


  • No down time.
  • Non-invasive & pain less
  • Improves cell metabolism.
  • Can be done whole body or can target certain body parts.
  • Release toxins so body feels very energetic.

Full Body Crushed Amber Treatment

Crushed amber and other precious minerals are applied ver the entire body and are used to exfoliate the body’s surface to reduce sign of sun damage, smooth and firm your skin and offer rejuvenation. This treatment increases your feeling of well-being- leaving your body with an amber glow and velvety appearances.

Full Body Detoxification

Reducing tension and stress is the key to overall well-being. This treatment works deep through a detoxifying body wrap that refreshes and relaxes. We customizes it herbal solution based on your needs. Popular blends including: healing, detoxification, weight loss, stimulations, pain reduction, stress released (to encourage better sleep)

Cellulite Reduction Treatment

On Cellulite prone areas, we place hot packs of herbs and mineral to help soften the skin and open the pores for drainages. After deep vacuum treatment, an ultrasonic machine helps bumpy areas and through deep penetrating special anti-cellulite products.

Sugar and Salt glow

We begin to balance your dosha using a customized aroma therapy with herbs and minerals. We then exfoliate and hydrate your body, allowing you to enjoy a rich experience of essential oils and Dead Sea salt which detoxify and exfoliate your body. We finish by applying organic sugar to nourish and moisturize your skin.

Beck Polish

A custom blend of herbs and minerals will is applies with steam, followed by, exfoliation and massage and a mask which includes this treatment. Your back is left with a beautiful glow for that special occasion or for your everyday routines.

De-pigment Treatment for Full Hands

Uneven pigmentation and skin discoloration occurs as a result of over exposure to ultraviolet rays during sun exposure or from tanning bed use. This corrective treatment includes a gentle enzyme cleansing, diamond microdermabrasion over the area, followed by an application of botanical lightening serum with the natural form of vitamin C helped by ultra-sound and galvanic current.

Energetic Feet Treatment

It’s time to refresh your tired, heavy, aching and swollen legs. This procedure improves blood circulation, prevents accumulation of excess liquid and prevents varicosity in legs. It includes a customized herbal wrap, and gentle massage which leaves your legs feeling light and relaxed.

Herbal Scalp Treatment with Quantum Brush

This relaxing corrective treatment helps increase circulation, heal scalp irregularities and prevent hair loss. This quantum brush stimulates hair growth and is helpful with conditions such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and dry scalp.