xtreme lashes before and after

One lash at a time single, synthetic strand of eyelash that applied to your individual eyelash for  natural, elegant and luscious look that last up to two months or forever with natural look and feel…..

Extend your beauty with……. Xtreme Lashes

New trend of Hollywood beauty–Xtreme lashes are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are lengthen and thicken the lashes without need of mascara, completely waterproof and weightless with natural look and feel…

At, Pretty Eyes we take pride to our expertise for custom creation  and attention to finest detail for unique personalized set for eyelash extensions by using variety of length, thickness, curvature and color to suit your shape of your eyes, your personality and lifestyle, so your new set of Xtreme lashes can be so natural and weightless. No one will ever suspect that you were not born with them….

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Total transformation to your lashes….this custom creation by using 90-120 lashes, will gives you volume and length to your lashes. Perfects for serious lash lovers, who want to elevate their selves above norm.


Custom design for your eyes using 60-90 lashes will lengthen your lashes and bring attention to you. Perfects for everyday lash routine.


This very simple and elegant creation by using 45-60 lashes will match to your natural lashes and blend with them. This looks eliminate daily mascara regimen.


Just adding length to your outer corner of your eyes can create fun sultry look for special occasion.


Let your eyes be a butterfly by adding lashes to your middle to outer corner of your lashes. These looks dramatically open-up your eyes, without need of any need of any eye make-up.


Add some color to your lashes will bring drama to your lashes.


Just want to try Xtreme lashes by adding 25 lashes to your natural lashes per eye.


Touch up not only adding more lashes but also remove those lashes that has grown out and clean your lashes thoroughly. This service will maintain your look

Xtreme Lashes Frequently Asked Questions

What do I expect during my first appointment for Xtreme Lash Eyelash Extensions?

Your lash stylish will discuss your medical history, your routine life style and regular beauty regimen, desire look during client consultation. Your application will begin with through cleansing of your lashes and around eyes. The cleansing process will allow stronger bond between your natural lashes and Xtreme lashes eyelash extensions. Then your stylish will cover your lower lashes with hydrating under eye gel patch, which is really soothing, after that stylish will isolate each lashes and applies Xtreme lashes eyelash extensions one by one with solvent free High performance adhesive. The entire appointment will take between 1 to 3 hours and you will be receiving 45-120 Xtreme eyelash extension per eye.

Is the application of Xtreme Eyelash Extension is painful?

No, actually it is very relaxing, luxury procedure and non-invasive procedure. You will be lying down in comfortably in spa bed while we applying the Xtreme lash eyelash extension to your eyes. Our client falls asleep all the time.

How long this Xtreme Eyelash Extension will last?

With proper maintains and properly applied Xtreme Eyelash Extension will last about from start to finish 2- 3 month depends on your natural hair growth, and with regular touch ups your Xtreme Eyelashes will last indefinitely.

Is Xtreme Eyelash Extension is water proof?

Yes, After 3 to 48 hours of your appoint your Xtreme Eyelashes is completely water proof so you can swim, shower and work out worry free.

How do I maintain my Xtreme Eyelash Extensions?

Your Xtreme lash stylish will explain the easy care of your beautiful Xtreme lashes, and will recommend after care kit, to maintain your look and extend the life of your lashes, follow this easy steps….

  • Do not wash eyes or take shower for first 24 hours after application.
  • Do not swim or spa for 48 hours after application to allow completely cure to adhesive.
  • Be gentle to your lashes
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid oil-based make-up and waterproof mascara.

At our locations, we have Xtreme Lashes longer life coating; you can apply that 2 to 3 times weekly.

Can I apply Xtreme Lashes to my own lashes?

No, only a trained profession will able to apply Xtreme Eyelash Extension safely. Unprofessional application or self-application may cause serious eye injury or damage to your natural lashes. Your lashes may look very clumpy and unnatural.

Will Xtreme Lashes interfere my natural growth or damage my natural lashes?

Xtreme Eyelash Extension is completely non- invasive procedure that is very safe to your natural lashes. Natural lashes growth cycle is in between 30 to 90 days, when natural lashes matures and sheds, new natural lashes will quickly grow and replace it. Most of us seldom notice when our natural lashes shed.

What should I expect from my retouch application?

Retouch is not just only adding some more Xtreme lashes, also removing the lashes which has grown out, cleansing and maintain your look.

Can I customize my look according to my preference?

Yes, we pride our ability to create customize look just for your eyes. All of our stylish receive advance level of extensive training in the craft of styling lashes tailored to meet your specific needs; we choose different color, curvature and thickness to design your lashes exclusively for you.

What should I do prior to my appointment?

To speed up the application of Xtreme eyelashes, we recommend you to arrive with clean eyes, without make up including foundations and all eye make ups.

  • Do not wear contacts to your eyelashes application.
  • Lash tinting or Lash perming will allowed prior to 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Airbrush tanning — 3 days after your lash application.


More info at www.extremelashes.com